Russell Norman walking and talking (Italian)

He's created some of my favourite places to eat in London, he's also designed them - and inadvertently changed the look of many London eateries. 

Russell Norman has long been a bit of hero, and quite a bit swoony. The Guardian went to Italy with him and made a video about him. It's a lovely piece of video...

Also, just in case you missed it, here's Russell Norman's interview with the Guardian

Brixton Village in the New York Times

This is a lovely article about Brixton. Mentioning my very favourite cocktail bar Seven at Brixton and everything... 

Mr Mixologist

Went to Experimental Cocktail Club last night, really reminded me of this...

Just in case you don't watch these things as avidly as I do. These are the boys that won Raymond Blanc's The Restaurant.

I'm possibly the only person who finds this FASCINATING...

...but that's ok, because I"m certainly the only person who is reading this after such a huge pause in writing. Anthony Bourdain talks about his life. 

Jamie Oliver does Flight of the Conchords

I have no words. If you can listen until the chorus, you'll probably never forgive me...

He is definitely not saying Fish Stew is he...

Rene Redzepi pop up in London


A while ago I set up a Google Alert for pop up restaurants in London. There's no longer any point. Recently every single article has made me sad.

The amazing wonderful and exciting news is Rene Redzepi, of best restaurant in Europe, Noma, is hosting a pop up restaurant in London! Finally London's inhabitants get the chance to try his famed food.

It's so exciting, and I have so many questions about it. Noma is all about hyper locally grown food, with an emphasis on foraging and harvesting, and serves nothing not grown locally. This has lead some to grumble that in winter the pine flavours could be too much and that the occasional tomato would really lift his dishes, but I can't help thinking these people are missing the point.

However, the pop up is at Claridges and costs £200 a head. So unless I am accidentally deemed some sort of power-blogger, there is no chance I'll ever know.

I think this sort of sums up how many Londoners feel about the whole of the Olympics. London is excellent and loads of wonderful things exist through people's hard work and creativity. However with the Olympics, and the ethos of these wonderful things is stripped out and high prices or unavailability to allow for "sponsorship opportunities", these events are made unavailable to the Londoners who love them so. As I say, it makes me a little bit sad.

Maybe Redzepi will attend an alternative pop up event in addition to Claridges? Maybe even with the Young Turks, now that really would be something...

Rachel Khoo - Little Paris Kitchen

I wrote something about Rachel Khoo over on Fuck Yeah Hot Chefs. She's had a show, she's been loved by every boy I know and not quite so loved by every girl. It's probably the first food programme that I haven't been able to watch an episode all the way through - and I watch the Hair Bikers. That's not to say she deserves some of the criticism she's been getting. I'm glad she's on TV, I'm glad her show got commissioned, and for all the snobbery, I'd probably be a thousand times more likely to make her eggs in tea cups than any of Heston's triple-fried-popping-candied-sweet-potato chips (I made those up, but they'll probably be on next series. And either way, she's a million times better than Sophie Dahl!